About BCS

Water Play Bethel Community Services (BCS) is a non-profit organization registered with the Registrar of Societies on 19 August 2004 and the Commissioner of Charities on 9 September 2004. We received full membership with the National Council of Social Services (NCSS) since July 2007 and is conferred the status of Institution of a Public Character (IPC)

Our objectives are to initiate, assist and organize activities and schemes of social services for the alleviation of poverty, suffering, ignorance or ill health whether physical or mental, without limitation of age, sex, race, nationality, religion or moral character, by the provision of assistance, education, training, services or counseling.

Our Vision

As a vibrant change agent, we exist to be a visible expression of Christ’s love, care and compassion to the community.

Our Mission

Bethel Community Services exists to reach out and empower the community through holistic community-based services and programmes to maximize the God-given potential of each individual.

Bethel Community Services provides the following services :

  • Bethel Kinderlites
  • Bethel Child Development Centre
  • Bethel Tots Centre
  • Bethel Student Care Centre
  • Bethel Tuition Service
  • Bethel TCM Service
  • Bethel Social Services – Counseling
    – Financial Assistance
  • Bethel Partnership Services – Medical & Dental Clinic Services.
    – Student Crisis Financial Assistance

OurAuditors : Baker Tilly TFW LLP Certified Public Accountants
Chairman : Rev Chia Beng Hock


Institution of a Public Character (IPC) is a conferred status which allows donors to IPCs to receive 250% tax deductions on their qualifying donations valid till Dec 31, 2021. The following types of donations would qualify you for a double tax deduction : cash donations, share donations, computer donations, artefact donations, public art tax incentive scheme and land and building donations. Donors need to give their NRIC nos. to Bethel Community Services. Donation details will be provided to IRAS and the donation deductions will be included automatically in the individual’s tax assessment.

You can also give to Bethel Community Services via Giving.sg charity donation portal. Make a difference and give generously to BCS.

The period of IPC September 2009.