Bethel Legal Service

As part of our continuing efforts to show love to our community in tangible ways, Bethel Community Services (BCS) seeks to assist individuals and families who are grappling with various legal issues by providing them with basic legal advice and information. Where there is a request for a referral to the relevant authorities or organizations for follow-up, BCS will do our best to facilitate such referrals.

Sessions are held once a month, and clients can call the BCS’ office at 67447422 to make an appointment.

During the consultation sessions, our lawyer will extend only oral advice in assisting clients with charting their next course of action. If legal action is to be taken, clients will have to seek external legal expertise.

The duration of each consultation session will vary, depending on the complexity of the matter and on whether interpretation from one language to another is required. BCS will endeavour to efficiently manage and schedule cases.

Clients can be assured that all information given to our lawyer during the consultation sessions shall remain confidential.

While our lawyer and volunteers will not be receiving a fee for their services rendered, we will appreciate it if those seeking assistance will give a donation of $5.00 to support BCS for each consultation. This donation may not apply to those with extreme hardship cases.