Activities are the lifeblood of any community and organization. We have a busy year ahead that will have you all buzzing with genuine excitement. From general assemblies to community service, we have all the activities lined up and ready for your participation. Expect a jam-packed calendar with events that are valuable and relevant.

06 May
Annual General Meeting
Management Committee meeting
24 – 25 May
BSCC Meet-the-Parents
09 Jun
BCDC Meet-the-Parents
BCDC Dumpling Celebration
14 – 16 Jun
Staff Training/Retreat (BCDC/BTC/BSCC Closure Day)
20 Jun
Field Trip
22 Jun
BSCC Fire Drill
14 Jul
Management Committee meeting
08 Aug
BCDC National Day Celebration
07 Sep
Teachers’ Day (BCDC/BSCC Closure Day)
08 Sep
Management Committee meeting
21 Sep
BSCC Open House
BCDC Moon Cake Celebration
01 Oct
BCDC Children’s Day Celebration
05 Oct
BSCC Annual Planning (BSCC Closure Day)
04 Nov
Love your Neighbor Day (organized by Bethel/BCS)
17 Nov
K2 Graduation Concert
19 Nov
BCDC Closure Day after the concert
23 Nov
BSCC Annual Spring Cleaning (BSCC Closure Day)
21 Dec
BCDC/BSCC Christmas Celebration
22 Dec
Wishing Tree Project/Volunteer Night
28 Dec
BCDC Annual Spring Cleaning (BCDC Closure Day)

To conduct Arts & Crafts activities with the children from Bethel Kinderlites

Math Tutor Needed For P4 – P6 (Start 2018 January)

Tuition ServicesMath Tutor needed for Primary 4 to 6.
Time: 3pm – 530pm
Day: Every Tuesday

We would encourage for tutors to commit 6 months (Minimum)
Please contact Jazlyn at 6744 7422

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