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Monthly exercise: Active Aging (Zumba Fitness!)

In collaboration with Southeast CDC and Health Promotion Board (HPB), a monthly exercise programme – Zumba Fitness is introduced to the seniors in our community. Seniors are engaged in fun and up-beat rhythms and dance steps while working up a sweat!

MHA Food Bundle Distribution (5 March 2019)

A yearly affair, BCS partnered with the Ministry of Home Affairs on 5th March 2019 to do a food distribution to 200 families in the community.

Chinese New Year Dinner (3 March 2019)

In collaboration with Bethel AOG, over 500 residents were invited to a Chinese New Year Dinner on 3 March 2019. There were various performances and a blessed draw was conducted throughout the event, allowing those in the community to have a chance at winning some prizes.

Monthly Haircut – Birthday Celebrations

Partnering with Bethel AOG, residents drop by for a free haircut every last Friday of the month. Residents whose birthday fall within the month of the free haircut will be blessed with a delicious bowl of noodles as part of the celebration! Wishing all the residents a blessed birthday!

Mini Carnival with United Airlines –21
February 2019

What more fun could it be to have United Airlines to host a mini carnival for the K1 and K2 studentsin Bethel Child Development Centre? With various booths for the children to participate, it was indeed joyous and exciting! From fine-motor skill activities such as PlayDough making with the children, unique and adorable designs of aeroplanes, frogs and even rainbows were created. To fill their tummies, a popcorn and candy floss machine were used. The entire event ended off with a photo-taking session and goody bags were given to them.

Thank you United Airlines for making this day memorable for the children in Bethel Child Development Centre!

Art and Craft with Bulletproof Design Pte Ltd–15 February 2019

Taking the concept of design into their programmewith the children, Bulletproof taught the children to make tree leaves with bubble wraps with Bethel Kinderlites. Thereafter, they took up the challenge to teach the students from Bethel Student Care Centre to make 3D animal masks. Despite the process of it being strenuous, the rewards reaped from it were definitely satisfying.

We will like to extend a big thank you to Bulletproof for reaching out to the children with Bethel Community Services!

Health Screening for the Elderly–22 December 2018

On 22 December 2018, Southeast Community Development Council (SECDC) collaborated with Bethel Church, Bethel Community Services (BCS), and various health organisations –Ministry of Health (MOH) and Temasek Foundation Cares which initiated Project Silver Screen and Alexandra Health, to provide health screening for Singaporean Seniors residing in the community. Alexandra Health provides chronic screening for residents aged 40 and above, and Project Silver Screen provides functional screening for eyesight, hearing and oral health for seniors aged 60 and above. Seniors who present their Pioneer Generation (PG) card enjoy free health screening. Seniors who are CHAS cardholders pay $2 while other seniors will pay $5.

A total of 57 seniors turned up for the health screening and they were provided with light refreshments such as coffee, milo, and biscuits (sponsored by SECDC). With affordable health screening convenient from their home, it is helpful and useful for some seniors who may not be able to go for health screening in polyclinics or hospitals. A senior lady who did not have her health screened previously showed signs of high blood pressure which requires medical attention. The health screening was meaningful for the seniors as there were a number of seniorswho required follow-ups on their health condition.

We will like to thank SECDC, Project Silver Screen, Alexandra Health and Bethel AOG for reaching out to the senior residents in our community and providing them with affordable health screening. May the residents live healthy and well!

8th December 2018 –GEHA Christmas Celebration (with GEHA, SECDC and Bethel AOG)

With Christmas just around the corner, Bethel Community Services (BCS) partnered with Geylang East Home for the Aged (GEHA),Southeast Community Development Council (SECDC), and Bethel AOG came together and hosted a Christmas Celebration for the seniors. The performances for this year were a variety of the senior’s favorites –sing-a-longs, sword dancing, folk dancing, and eveninviting our special guests –the Kindergarten 1 & 2 students from Bethel Child Development Centre to do a dance performance for them. At the end of the event, the seniors received a Christmas food bundle, of which the bags were sponsored by SECDC.

The festivities were enjoyable we are all looking forward to the next! Thank you to GEHA, SECDC and Bethel AOG for making this possible!

20th October 2018 –Walk for Rice (Joint collaboration with SECDC and Bethel AOG)

When the word ‘Charity’ is used in scripture, it usually means love, and it also means giving; to help the needy, an act of kindness and generosity to others. Charity does not always have to be monetary, it can be giving whatever you have.

This year, Bethel Community Services collaborated with South East CDC to participate in various charity events and one of the highlighted events was Walk for Rice (WFR).

WFR @South East was conceptualized in 2009 under the 5E* approach to encourage the more-able individuals or organisations such as Grassroot Organisations (GROs), schools, Voluntary Welfare Organisations (VWOs) and corporations in the community to participate in a simple activity such as walking, to raise rice for the less privileged in the South East District.

Bethel Community Services organized a family day where we could bring our loved ones and friends to walk and raise more rice needed for the community. The walk was held at Punggol walk on 6thOctober, and about 35 participants turned up for the walk. Children as young as six years old walked alongside with the seniors. It was truly heartwarming to have all of them taking precious time to walk because of the love they have for those less fortunate in the community.

In Matthew 23:35 “I was hungry, and you gave me something to eat. I was thirsty, and you gave me something to drink. I was a stranger, and you took me into your home.”

The residents of Block 103 Aljunied Crescent –rental flats, had completed a 5km walk along with the church volunteers to raise their own rice on 20thOctober 2018.

*5E approach involves using an Easyand Enjoyableactivity that Encourageswidespread participation within the community which Earns sponsorships for the needed. In doing so, SECDC also Enlargesthe values of the giving and thus enabling us to Enhance the community ownership and spirit.

WFR helps to strengthen the social infrastructure by encouraging the community to participate and forge stronger relationships with one another. It promotes Active Citizenry as well as Nurtures Volunteerism by empowering the different community partners with the abilities to customize their waling events and contribute towards this good cause.

A Satay Block Party was held on 5th May at Block 103 Aljunied Cresent for the residents of Blocks 102 and 103. The residents had two hours of fun with games which were planned for them. The children took home goodie bags and small prizes from the games. The residents were also each given a bento set , a wide spread of traditional cakes and satays for dinner. It was such a joy to see the seniors sitting around and interacting happily with their neighbours. Each family was also given a bag of food items sponsored by the Ministry of Home Affairs.

The party ended with a “Blessed Draw” for the residents and seven of them walked away with prizes such as toaster ovens and kettles. Everyone enjoyed themselves and we hope to have more of such events for our community.

April: Food ration distribution. Collaboration between Bethel Assembly, Bethel Community Services and Ministry of Home Affairs

May: Collaboration between School of the Art and Bethel Community Services

The students from SOTA had painted art mural for Bethel Child Development to beautify the centre.

June: Block Tea Party. Organised by Bethel Assembly and Bethel Community Services

A Tea Party was recently held at Block 64A Circuit Road on 24 June for the residents living around the vicinity of Circuit Road. It was a collaboration between Bethel Community Services and Bethel Assembly of God. Residents enjoyed the 2-hour programme planned for them. They had a lot of fun with the games and sing along session, many of our residents also walked away with NTUC vouchers won during the tea party. They were so excited and participated enthusiastically and spontaneously. There was a good spread of food catered for them. The tambourine dancers also put up a fabulous dance performance for the seniors. The performances were indeed an encouragement to many of the aunties and uncles as despite their age, they are still able to serve the community actively. Before the party ended, each of the resident were given a food bundle containing biscuits, 3-in-1 cereal pack, drinks and other basic essentials. It was truly so heart-warming to see the smiles and to feel the joy of the seniors.

July: Collaboration with Singapore Management University (SMU) and Bethel Community Services

More than 50 students volunteers had conducted 3 full day of Art Workshop to the children of Bethel Child Development Centre, Bethel Kinderlites and Bethel Student Care. The children had so much fun through the 3 days’ workshop.