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In view of the COVID-19 (Corona Virus Disease), Bethel Community Services will be stepping up precautionary measures for our centres and our services and will temporarily suspend our Monthly Haircut cum Birthday Celebration programme, as well as our Monthly Active Ageing Exercise Programme, in an effort to safeguard the wellbeing and health of the staff. We seek your kind understanding during this period, and we look forward to having you with us soon!

Monthly Haircut – Birthday Celebrations

Partnering with Bethel AOG, residents drop by for a free haircut every last Friday of the month. Residents whose birthday fall within the month of the free haircut will be blessed with a delicious bowl of noodles as part of the celebration! Wishing all the residents a blessed birthday!

School Of The Arts (SOTA) Year 5 Week-long service volunteering – 27 May – 31 May 2019

SOTA Year 5

“I am truly humbled.” – SOTA Year 5 Student Volunteer

Prior to visiting BCS’ beneficiaries, these students have raised funds to create a customized list which caters to the basic needs of each family. The Year 5 students conducted home visitations with me to personally meet the beneficiaries. Even though many would say that third-world poverty is the worst, and first-world poverty is nothing, it is important to realize that poverty is still poverty. While our beneficiaries warmly greeted them and shared their stories with the students, it has impacted the students and some has left strong impressions in them, as many of them are from complete and well-to-do families. To most, basic necessities are often taken for granted as they are able to choose where they wish to eat, while some of our families are wondering what they have to eat. The student volunteers have shared travelling is something that is normal to them, and after seeing the living conditions of these families, they have realized how fortunate most of us really are.

Our beneficiaries’ stories not only touched the hearts of our student volunteers, but their efforts to raising funds for the food bundles and to delivering it to their doorsteps have also touched the hearts of our beneficiaries. While it was hard work done by the students, it was truly fulfilling for them. You can probably say they also have a sense of “heart-work”!

Overall, BCS will like to extend our heartfelt appreciation and thanks to SOTA for partnering with us, and also to have their students bring our children joy and laughter.

Monthly exercise: Active Aging (Zumba Fitness!)

In collaboration with Southeast CDC and Health Promotion Board (HPB), a monthly exercise programme – Zumba Fitness is introduced to the seniors in our community. Seniors are engaged in fun and up-beat rhythms and dance steps while working up a sweat!

MHA Food Bundle Distribution (5 March 2019)

A yearly affair, BCS partnered with the Ministry of Home Affairs on 5th March 2019 to do a food distribution to 200 families in the community.

Chinese New Year Dinner (3 March 2019)

In collaboration with Bethel AOG, over 500 residents were invited to a Chinese New Year Dinner on 3 March 2019. There were various performances and a blessed draw was conducted throughout the event, allowing those in the community to have a chance at winning some prizes.

Mini Carnival with United Airlines –21
February 2019

What more fun could it be to have United Airlines to host a mini carnival for the K1 and K2 studentsin Bethel Child Development Centre? With various booths for the children to participate, it was indeed joyous and exciting! From fine-motor skill activities such as PlayDough making with the children, unique and adorable designs of aeroplanes, frogs and even rainbows were created. To fill their tummies, a popcorn and candy floss machine were used. The entire event ended off with a photo-taking session and goody bags were given to them.

Thank you United Airlines for making this day memorable for the children in Bethel Child Development Centre!

Art and Craft with Bulletproof Design Pte Ltd–15 February 2019

Taking the concept of design into their programmewith the children, Bulletproof taught the children to make tree leaves with bubble wraps with Bethel Kinderlites. Thereafter, they took up the challenge to teach the students from Bethel Student Care Centre to make 3D animal masks. Despite the process of it being strenuous, the rewards reaped from it were definitely satisfying.

We will like to extend a big thank you to Bulletproof for reaching out to the children with Bethel Community Services!