Bethel Going the Distance 100k

BCS has just launched our Going the Distance 100k campaign, with this campaign we hope to bring the community together to clock 100,000 km in distance collectively and also raise $100,000 for the purpose of sustainability and growth of the organisation. Find out more here!

Update @ 17 July 2022
Total Distance: 1213.06km

Going the Distance 100k is organised by Bethel Community Services for our community to activate their creativity and contribute toward a collective goal of 100,000 Km mileage clocked and to raise $100,000.

BCS will be organising 3 free-to-join events to showcase the various landmarks around the Geylang East, Aljunied Crescent and Macpherson areas. The events are open to all members of the public who wants to contribute their efforts and to explore our neighborhood. More on the events will be provided here, our campaign's site, and our BCS Facebook page later.

The organised events will not be enough, BCS hopes that you can contribute to this collective goal as well. You can organise your own activity sessions on your own or with your friends and family. Any activities that involves getting yourself moving and you are able to take note of the distance is encouraged.

To start the ball rolling, during our staff retreat, our staff went on an adventure. We moved around visiting specific places of interest within our neighbourhood on foot while fulfilling certain objectives like speaking with random community peoples.

After your efforts, you can input your mileage to, don't forget to send us some photos of yourself having fun.

Each entry and donors will stand a chance to win paintings done by our community children!

Through the campaign, we hope to raise $100,000 in donations to sustain and grow BCS's work in helping each individual in our community to maximise their potential.

Be ignited with a passion within your heart by sharing your skills and doing your community projects with Bethel Community Services!