Bethel Social Services

Following the 3 Principles of Singapore’s Social Safety Net – self-reliance, family as the first line of support, and the Many Helping Hands (MMH), we strive to help individual and families to become self-reliant in the long run.

In cases where those who fall through the cracks of the social safety net and are in need of social assistance, Bethel Community Services strives to empower these individuals and provide temporary financial assistance and/or food rations. We are currently serving residents who are residing in Paya Lebar Way, Pipit Road, Circuit Road, Aljunied Road, Balam Road, Geylang East and Sims Drive.

Our services include:

1. Information and Referral Service
To link individuals and families with appropriate help agencies and resources in the community.

2. Casework
To support individuals and families residing in our community facing issues relating to homelessness, poverty, unemployment, family issues and/or other personal issues and life challenges.

3. Financial and Food Rations assistance (Temporary)
To provide temporary aid to individuals and/or families who are residing within Paya Lebar Way, Pipit Road, Circuit Road, Aljunied Road, Balam Road, Geylang East and Sims Drive. Families who will like to apply for assistance under Bethel Community Services are subjected for an intake and case assessment with our trained staff. The frequency, suitability and length of the assistance provided are assessed by our case coordinators and social workers of BCS, in collaboration with the family.

Our food rations are collected through other social service organisations and through donors.

4. Social Services
We provide Free monthly haircut service on every last Friday of the month and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Services for the those in the community.

5. Community Outreach
Our volunteers venture out into the community every week to reach out to the residents in our community. If you require/know of someone who may require assistance who is residing within Paya Lebar Way, Pipit Road, Circuit Road, Aljunied Road, Balam Road, Geylang East and Sims Drive, please contact us at Tel: 6744 7422 or email us at

Please contact us if you are in need of financial assistance, counselling services or other social services. Financial aid is given based on the individual or family’s financial needs through documentation and assessment. Please contact us at 6744 7422 if you need assistance concerning areas in your lives.

SHOP & DONATE! – A joint collaboration with NTUC FairPrice

In 2018, Bethel Community Services (BCS) has partnered with NTUC FaiPrice for the Shop & Donate! Programme. Shop and Donate is an online giving platform hosted on NTUC FairPrice on its website, whereby charitable organizations may provide their wish list for members of the public to support.

BCS has customized a grocery wish list for the low-income families through choosing the items that are listed on the Fair Price website ( The Shop and Donate! initiative encourages the community to come together and help the less fortunate through grocery donations.

These basic food necessities will be donated to the low-income families in our community, which will go a long way to help them. Often, these families may not even have the means to buy these groceries to meet their basic needs. A small donation by you of any amount is definitely helpful to them.

Donors may wish to donate items according to what they feel is good to fulfill the wish list we have put up. Through the Shop and Donate! Initiative you can play a part in making a difference to those in need. We would also like to express our appreciation to NTUC FairPrice for giving us and other donors the opportunity to bless these families.

Make a difference today!