Bethel Student Care Centre

Bethel Student Care Centre

We believe that each child is unique and have different capabilities and talents.

We also believe in the importance of an all-rounded development of the child, that is, both academically and non-academically.

We provide care for your child while you are at work, assuring you that your child is well-cared for during your normal working hours.

We supervise your child’s homework, play, enrichment and recreational activities to enhance his or her physical, intellectual, emotional, social and moral development.

Social Environment


Your child would be given opportunities to interact with other children through positive and meaningful ways.

Team work activities, play and enrichment workshops would allow your child to develop healthy self-esteem and respect for others.


Our staff always seeks to encourage and communicate with your child in a friendly, positive and courteous manner. At the same time, we have to enforce the Centre’s rules and regulations to maintain a desired environment of good conduct, safety and order.


Payment of Fees

a. Registration Fees
A registration fee of S$64.20(inclusive of GST) will be collected.
This fee is non-refundable.

b.Monthly Fee
A monthly fee of S$256.80(inclusive of GST) per month for Primary 1 & 2 students, and S$267.50(inclusive of GST) per month for Primary 3 students and above.
A Monthly fees of $288.90 (inclusive of GST) per month for Primary 1 – Primary 6.

Operating Hours :

Monday – Friday : 1.30pm – 7pm
School Holiday : 7am – 7pm

We are closed on Saturdays, Sundays & Public Holidays.

Student Care Centre Form

BSCC Forms

If interested, please email to

If interested, please email to