It is indeed a blessing to have enrolled my first born with bethel. I still remember, recceing and finally walking into bethel with the hopes of getting a placement, however I was told that they have no vacancy during that point of time. During my conversation, I opened up to the principal that my daughter hasn’t spoken and it has become a worry. I was assured that children grow at their own paces and no time is too late during this process. I left with a heavy heart leaving my daughter’s particulars on waiting list. Today, my daughter has barely reached 3 and she could recognise alphabets and numerals. She has learnt to express politeness by saying, ‘Thank You’ whenever it’s necessary. Our Biggest Thank You to Bethel for bringing out the best in our child at her own pace. We are assured that our second born development are in the safest hands we could find.


Dakshayani’s parents (Bethel Child Development Centre)

Our experience with BCDC was very pleasant even before our daughter started PG on 2 Apr 2018. The admin staff, Josephine was very friendly and approachable when we purchased the uniforms and stack cot and upon knowing that the giro for our CDA has been approved, she arranged for the deduction of these items including the deposit through our CDA so that it was hassle free for us. The Principal, Michelle and her teachers were all very encouraging and approachable when our daughter was getting used to the new environment. BCDC organized many interesting events and excursions for the kids and always aim to engage parents in joining these activities. We feel that all the teachers truly have a passionate heart in caring and nurturing the kids. We are so thankful for 徐老师 who helped our daughter wean off her pacifier before she turns 2. We have seen a farewell card made by 徐老师and Teacher BK for a fellow student who was only with the centre for 2 months before his parents had to relocate overseas. It was heart-warming to know that the Principal, Michelle and 白老师 took the effort to visit a fellow student who was hospitalised. We want to express thanks to the janitor, Mary who comes in early everyday before her official working hours to clean the centre so that our kids can be in a safe and clean environment. She never fails to calm our daughter down in the early mornings when she is in one of her cranky moods. We knew that our decision to enrol our daughter in BCDC was right and we will highly recommend BCDC to anyone who is looking for a childcare centre that truly cares for their children.

Joy’s Daddy and Mummy (Bethel Child Development Centre)

我的小孩在Bethel Kinderlites 上课。学校里的老师都对小 孩们很有耐心的教导他们,也会把孩子们在学校的活动和 学习进度和家长沟通。每次我的孩子回到家中都会把他在 学校的事情回来和我分享。

Ang Yong Xu (Bethel Kinderlites)

Thank you very much for your patience with Tian Hong, guiding him along, equipping him with knowledge, morals, providing kindness and care to him through and through. It was a difficult decision to withdraw him from Bethel Child Development Centre and wouldn’t have been even inclined to, if not for the fact that we have moved away to another district. Once again, thank you for the wonderful memories.

Tian Hong’s parents Mr and Mrs Chan (Bethel Child Development Centre)

It was our first time enrolling our daughter in preschool so we were nervous at first but the teachers and the rest of the staff at Bethel Child Development Centre are so incredible that they soon made us feel comfortable. Our daughter is excited every morning about going to school. She’s becoming more sociable and educated each day. We are very thankful to have discovered BCDC and its incredible staff. We highly recommend this school.

Mr and Mrs Lee (Parents) (Bethel Child Development Centre)

It is hard for any parent to trust another to treat their child with sensitivity and care but Arissa’s educarers made it easy for us as parents to send her to school without worries. I never felt that I was dealing with an “organisation” but instead it was with dedicated individuals who were all actively involved in creating the warm and nurturing environment that distinguishes this centre. Educarers are friendly and they give me a sense of security and the warmth of a family.

Arrisa’s mummy (Bethel Tots Centre)

感谢你们对Esther的照顾有加。每次看到你们 都是那么的和蔼可亲。自Esther入学以来,老 师们以极大的爱心,耐心责任心关心她。用 鼓励常识来教育她。把爱心渗透到孩子幼小 的心里。现如今,好像叫老师们“妈妈” 我只 想对你们说:”老师,你们辛苦了!谢谢你 们!“

Esther的妈妈 (Bethel Tots Centre)

Hi, I am Ro-i Ong and have joined BSCC since I was Primary 1.  As I recall some fond memories I have forged over the past 6 years, a feeling of deja vu just swept over me.  Let me share these priceless moments with you.

As I recall, I vaguely remembered that when I first stepped into the centre, everything felt different.  As such, I felt a sense of lost and could not find my way around.  Thankfully, with the help and guidance of the patient teachers and my peers, I got the hang of things and learnt much from my time of stay at the centre.  Apart from academics, the centre has also imparted many Godly values into my character and I am so thankful for that.  From saying grace before every meal to the casual sharing about the Bible from teachers, I have learnt much about God’s love and grace.  It truly is a blessing that BSCC is a part of my childhood.

To end off, I would like to warmly thank the teachers for their investment of time, effort and sometimes money on us students.  Thank you BSCC!

Ro-i Ong (2013 to 2018) (Bethel Student Care Centre)

The first impression we had at Bethel Tots was the overall cleanliness and a good teacher to infant ratio. This is one of the few day care centers whereby the center itself caters solely for infants and thus separated from the older preschoolers. This is particularly beneficial for younger infants in case of infectious outbreaks. The teachers are well-qualified and meticulous with every child’s daily activities, from diaper change, sleep to their feeding frequencies, that are recorded in a daily log. This puts me, a full-time working mom, at ease to see my son’s growth and a perfect place for Ernest to be nurtured and cared for.

Ernest Tay’s mommy (Bethel Tots Centre)

Putting our daughter in the care of the professional caregivers of Bethel Tots was a decision we made which has allowed working parents like us to focus and attend to the daily challenges we face in the workplace and knowing that she is in good hands. In addition to the nurturing team of teaching assistants, the centre is also equipped with a baby-friendly play area and a conducive sleeping room for the children to rest for the 8-10 hours that they are there. As parents, we can see that our daughter looks forward to her time in the centre and that reinforces our decision.

Most importantly, we find that the centre is kept clean and hygienic which we believe will benefit the children and provides a relief to parents. We recommend Bethel Tots as a place for your child to grow and learn during those hours where you are busy at work and those initial years when they need the best quality of care.

Parents of Ariel Lee (Bethel Tots Centre)

I am happy that Bethel Student Care Centre is able to play the role of my extended help in bringing up my daughter, Charlotte. The schoolwork is always completed before she returns home and help is readily available when she comes across any problem. This really translates into more quality time whichwe can spend together at the end of the day! And more importantly, Charlotte enjoys being there!

Doris Chua (Bethel Student Care Centre)

Bethel Student Care Centre is a wonderful place for our children to grow up together once they start Primary School education. The effectiveness to communicate and work hand-in-hand with the teachers made a great difference to all working parents. You are able to cater to the needs of every child and guide them into the big family to be responsible and independent. To me, it is also a place to restore and build up the confidence level in our children.You truly made a great difference in my life as a working parent!

Ms Sharon Lei (Bethel Student Care Centre)

Thanks to the supervisor and the teachers at Bethel Student Care Center for accommodating to my needs and to my children’s needs so that I can be at ease when I am working knowing that my children are well taken care of.

Mrs Iris Ho (Bethel Student Care Centre)

Thank you Bethel Child Development Centre for your gentle touch and knowing you have given all in correcting my daughter in a loving way, and the promise you have made which she knows it will not be broken.You have helped to build my girl’s life, and you gave more than was required.

Sarah (Bethel Child Development Centre)

My son has become more creative and independent in the daily activities. With the teachers’ patience and guidance, my wife and I have seen Kiefer’s growth in his overall development. A big thank you to all of you at Bethel Child Development Centre.

Mr & Mrs Quek (Bethel Child Development Centre)

My eldest son, Bryan was the 2nd baby to be enrolled in the newly opened Bethel Tots Centre. Being a first time mum, I was quite worried about leaving my baby in the centre. But the centre proves me wrong. The teachers are very experienced, trained and responsible. Bryan has “graduated” and promoted to Bethel Child Development Centre. Now my second baby is enrolled in the Bethel Tots Centre. I never worry about her wellbeing as I have faith and trust that my daughter is in good hands. She is now 5 months old and I am glad she is adapting well.

Candy Khoo (Bethel Tots Centre)