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Become a volunteer and make a difference. We could not have functioned without its many volunteers.


English Tutors needed for Primary 1 –Secondary 5 (Starting January 2020)

English Tutor needed for P1 –Sec 5

Time: 7:30pm –9:30pm

Day: Every Tuesday

We encourage tutors to commit for 6 months (Minimum)

Tutors needed for Primary 1 –Primary 6

English/Mathtutorsneeded for P1 –P6

Time: 3:00pm –5:30pm

Day: Every Thursday

Educational/Arts and Craftsactivities or Science experimentsfor Primary 1 –Primary 6

To conduct arts and crafts, educational activitiesor science experimentsfor students from P1 –P6

Time: 3:00pm –5:30pm

Day: Monday –Friday (based on availability)

Activities conducted can be done as a one-time or on a weekly basis. Do check with us to find out more!

Fun with Preschoolers

To assist the teachers in the classroom by supervising and guiding the children from Bethel Kinderlites.

Age: 3years –6 years

Time: 9:00am –12:30pm

Day: Monday –Friday

Volunteers are not require to commit every day for volunteering services.

To conduct Arts & Crafts activities with the children from Bethel Kinderlites

Age: 3 years –6 years

Time: 10:30am –12:30pm

Day: Monday –Friday

Volunteers may conduct this as a one-time activity with the children.

To conduct Arts & Crafts activities with the children from Bethel Kinderlites

Math Tutor Needed For P4 – P6 (Start 2018 January)

Tuition ServicesMath Tutor needed for Primary 4 to 6.
Time: 3pm – 530pm
Day: Every Tuesday

We would encourage for tutors to commit 6 months (Minimum)
Please contact Jazlyn at 6744 7422

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