Ways To Donate

Cash and cheque donations made to Bethel Community Services are tax deductible. Tax deductible receipts can be issued upon request.

Your donations made to us is used in supporting our services which are rendered to the community:

Bethel Child Development Centre
Bethel Kinderlites
Bethel Tots Centre
Bethel Student Care Centre
Traditional Chinese Medicine Treatment
Financial Assistance
Food Rations


Donations in-kind of good working condition are accepted by Bethel Community Services. We will appreciate that donations in-kind are storage-friendly and relevant to our needs, or that they are suitable for our beneficiaries. If you have items that you think will be useful to our beneficiaries, kindly contact us at socialwork@bethelcs.org.sg

Food Rations

Food rations purchased will be given to families in need, seniors, and children on a monthly basis. Requirements for food rations donated:

Minimum 6 months shelf life
Brand new, pre-packed and sealed, not second-hand food items
No homemade food items

Donors may choose to support a family from our beneficiary list with a fixed monthly amount of $150 for their basic necessities/ certain needs. BCS will assist to disburse/ purchase NTUC Vouchers (usually $100), purchase the items ($50), and disseminate the assistance to the families that the donors wish to provide for. Donors can visit the families and befriend them too.

If you wish to help a specific family in need, feel free to contact us at socialwork@bethelcs.org.sg for more information.

We Accept PayNow

Donations now can be made through PayNow and they are tax deductible by Bethel Community Services. A minimum of $10 is required for donations to be made tax deductible.

Scan the PayNow QR code or key in UEN number T04SS0113A in your banking app. Next, enter your contact number as a reference number to be used in the form below.

In accordance to the Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA), your information provided will be kept private and confidential by Bethel Community Services.

For tax deductions eligibility, please fill in your full particulars accurately. If you require assistance, please contact us at admin@bethelcs.org.sg.

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Common Questions

What is the minimum amount to be eligible for tax deduction?
A minimum of $10 is required for donations to be tax deductible.
Where will my donations go to?
Your donations will go to our services and to our beneficiaries in the community. Your donations can help us to keep our services running for the less privileged, and to provide aid to them from time to time.

Donations via GIVING.SG

Giving.sg is your one-stop national giving platform to donate, volunteer and fundraise for any of the 550 registered non-profits in Singapore. If you prefer, we also accept donations via the platform.
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