We provide quality early years education for children aged 2 months to 6 years old.

Our Mission & Core Values

Parent & Children Focus
We recognise that our role in the childcare industry depends on our ability to respond to the needs of parents and children, including high functioning special children. We desire a partnership culture that paves the way for never-ending dialogue. Each contact with a parent is another opportunity to better understand their needs and improve ourselves.
Highest Quality Standards
We want to be identified by our community as the Number 1 in terms of quality and service. Quality will be achieved by meeting or exceeding our parents’ expectations of services offered by us.
We conduct ourselves with a high degree of ethics. We strive to be good members in our community and to be sensitive to the needs of parents, children and colleagues.
Pursuit of Excellence
We continually ask questions and challenge the way we do things. Our desire is to promote innovation, responsiveness and flexibility that will keep us focused on excellence in all we do.
We will reach higher levels of success only by a team commitment in an environment that fosters individual self-confidence and encourages everyone associated with us to contribute constructive ideas toward our mission and values.

Our Philosophy

To provide a pleasant, warm, caring and conducive environment for children to learn and play while you are at work.

To provide a curriculum that is not only centred on academic learning but also on other vital areas including the child’s moral awareness, physical development, intellectual growth and social skills.

To provide a thematic and interactive programme to encourage children to be active learners and explorers through play and active participation.

Building strong partnerships with parents to support children's learning and development in the home setting and nurturing children to their fullest potential.

Our Programmes

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