Food, Financial & Social Assistance

The objective of the Food, Financial & Social Assistance programme is to provide support to families in need within our community with temporary food, financial and communal support during their difficult times. We try to assess the needs of a family and/or individuals and provide them with the necessary financial, food ration, informational, and socio-emotional support.
Community Outreach

The objective of the “Community Outreach” is to identify, reach out, support and encourage families or individuals to maximise their potential through harnessing the support of various stakeholders such as community partners, government, corporate partners and volunteers.

Community Service Projects

The objective of the “Community Service Projects” is to initiate, assist and organise projects that benefits the community and people in need. These projects aim to serve a certain community need and could be ran independently or in collaboration with stakeholders, creating an avenue for the community to give back to their own.
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