School of the Arts (SOTA) Year 4 Week-long Service Volunteering

“Is SOTA coming today?” – BSCC Student

A yearly affair, BCS has partnered with SOTA and the Year 4 students have blessed BCS and our children with a variety of art-themed activities – through visual arts and theatre arts. Over a period of 5 months, the students have also designed toilet wall stickers for Bethel Child Development Centre and Bethel Kinderlites. What other theme to use when designing stickers for a toilet? The students have designed eye-catching and adorable pond-themed stickers, from ducks, to koi fishes, and right down to water puddles and bubbles. Fundraising is also an important concept, of which the students have taken the time and effort to raise funds to print the stickers, amidst juggling their studies and their arts.

To end off their service learning with us, they had a week-long programme where they conducted activities with Bethel Kinderlites (BK) and Bethel Student Care Centre (BSCC), where the children looked forward to meeting them for every session. Finger-painting art sessions were conducted with BK, and while it was truly adorable to see them at work, the student volunteers had to ensure that the children do not make a mess themselves! Fast-paced reactions games as such the famous ‘Bang!’ was conducted with the students from BSCC. With the children’s competitive natures in place, they were fully focused and in the zone of wanting to win our student volunteers.

Their efforts in planning for the previous sessions has left a memorable impression with our BSCC students till they often ask us “When is SOTA coming back?” or if there’s a volunteer group that is coming on the day itself – “are we having SOTA with us today?”

Be ignited with a passion within your heart by sharing your skills and doing your community projects with Bethel Community Services!